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Tender No. Short Description Closing Date Sub Division
1504 Sweeping Cleaning and Dusting arrangements in Force One Goregaon Extension - I 28/09/2017 Force One Maharashtra Police
1501 D-4/424-B/12Volt17AHCBty./17/17-18/2017/Re 27/09/2017 Director Police Wireless M.S Pune
1489 Comprehensive AMC Of 11 lift at Force One Head Quarter Extension-1 28/09/2017 Force One Maharashtra Police
1488 Towing Vehicles Three and Four Wheelers and also for Two Wheelers pickup 29/09/2017 Commissioner of Police Nashik
1485 Supply Of Head Cook,Asst Head Cook &Bhojan Sevak At Force One Hq Goregaon Ext-1 27/09/2017 Force One Maharashtra Police
1479 Ventilator & Air Tube 7 mtr. Long-Ext-I 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1478 High Pressure breathing air Compressor-Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1476 Portable Shelter 10 feet x 14 feet X 7 feet-Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1474 Rotary (Circular) Rescue saw 12 Inches with diamond tipped blade-Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1473 Carbide tipped Chain saw 16 Inches-Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1472 Combination Cutter & Spreader-Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1471 Come along 1.5 Tons-Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1469 Circular Saw (Electric) 16 Inches.Ext-I. 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1468 Victim Location equipment & Breeching system.Ext-I 29/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1467 RFP for Selection of Agency for deployment of Traffic Wardens in Thane Retender 27/09/2017 Commissioner of Police Thane
1466 Upgradation and Expansion of Existing V-Sat Network (Retender) 26/09/2017 Police Head Quarter
1440 AMC for MultiZone DoorFrameMetal Detector TechBranch,Protection2,Rajbhavan Ext-I 25/09/2017 Adnl. Comm. Of Police: Protection & Security
1439 AMC for Single Zone Door Frame Metal Detector at Mantralaya Ext-I 25/09/2017 Adnl. Comm. Of Police: Protection & Security